Empowering Entrepreneurs with Disabilities for Economic Growth

A screenshot of Lebogang Boya, one of NCPD's Senior Managers, taken at her desk while speaking

The NCPD’s Inclusive Employment Program is dedicated to helping women with disabilities find jobs and build careers. The program offers a variety of opportunities, including internships, learnerships, and permanent job placements. NCPD has built a substantial database of women with disabilities who are eager to work.

NCPD has also partnered with Tectura International, First Rand First Job, and Industrial Development Cooperation to provide even more opportunities for women with disabilities.

Internships and job placements give women with disabilities the opportunity to learn new skills and gain experience in their chosen field. This can help them to become more competitive in the job market. NCPD encourages all organizations to consider offering internships or job placements to women with disabilities.

NCPD also thanks everyone who contributes to the Casual Day campaign, which helps to fund the Inclusive Employment Program. The Casual Day campaign is a vital part of NCPD’s work to create employment opportunities for women with disabilities.

In addition to providing employment opportunities, NCPD also works to raise awareness of the challenges that women with disabilities face in the workplace. They advocate for policies that promote equal opportunities for women with disabilities and they provide training to employers on how to create an inclusive workplace.

NCPD is calling on everyone to join them in supporting the work of the Inclusive Employment Program.

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