Economic Empowerment

The National Council of and for Persons with Disabilities (NCPD) currently has +-130 000 registered Entrepreneurs with disabilities on our database.

  • We provide extensive training programs e.g. on tender processes, compliance, sector specific
  • Marketing of their products and services
  • Refer companies seeking BBBEE points in the category of Enterprise Development
  • On-board Entrepreneurs on Digital Business Management portals e.g. Accenture and Google
  • Find sector specific Mentors
  • Assist with registration on Government and other Database
  • Nominate Entrepreneurs for competitions e.g. SAB competition or to serve on Boards (self-representation)
  • Share success stories

Economic Development Support (EDS)

EDS is a network of Entrepreneurs who receive development support from NCPD and other stakeholders of the programme. All Entrepreneurs complete a needs analysis and the support offered is tailored accordingly.

Membership of EDS entitles entrepreneurs to any of the following offerings:

  • Mentorship from industry specific experts coaching and consultations where applicable
  • Access to office space and equipment where applicable
  • Access to Internet, printing and the telephone where applicable
  • Other demand-led professional services within NCPD
  • Access to Markets from our existing networks
  • Access to Network of other Entrepreneurs within the program
  • Peer Support from other Entrepreneurs within the program
  • Collaborations and joint ventures with other entrepreneurs within program
  • Personalised support and as and when needed consultation from our programme staff
  • Tendering Support
  • Dissemination of information

Entrepreneurs enrolled in this programme come from all 9 provinces.

In partnership with

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Small Medium Enterprise Ecosystem Digital Platform

SME-DE is a diverse supplier development program which aims to empower entities owned by Entrepreneurs with disabilities to be agile, ahead of the market, and to keep growing and adapt to the ever-changing environment.

The program includes the following:

  • Training
  • Mentoring
  • Business development
  • Collaboration
  • Development support
  • Access to markets

Youth Employment Services (YES)

Youth unemployment as a global phenomenon has been escalating over the past few years so the private sector and government collaborated on the YES Program which assists South Africa’s Youth to gain work experience through employment placement.

Many of our Interns are part of this Work Readiness Programme for a 12 month period.

Companies are encouraged to partner with us in similar employment initiatives.

With the high unemployment rate in South Africa, it has become increasingly difficult for persons with disabilities to find sustainable employment, our Inclusion and Economic Empowerment Programme sources more partners and uses innovative ways to ensure that we do everything in our power to give persons with disabilities a competitive edge for finding and keeping a job.

This support includes assistance with finding assistive devices and equipment, finding transport, assistance with applications into appropriate Learnerships, Internships and Apprenticeships.

We also help our beneficiaries with soft skills, using technology, conducting themselves in the workplace, relating to colleagues and superiors, working alone or in a team, and aspects of work ethic and values also receive attention.

Furthermore, beneficiaries need to understand the Human Resource side of employment, UIF, PAYE, Workmen’s Compensation, Contracts, Leave, Policies, grievance and disciplinary codes, Health and Safety and POPIA.

An important aspect of our support is how to negotiate and manage reasonable accommodation, disability rights and responsibilities.


Enterprise Development

NCPD Veggie Gardens

Produce grown by persons with disabilities is used to sustain themselves and their families by selling in order to make an income.

Raised veggie gardens are for people to reach from wheelchairs. Tunnel gardens and conventional veggie gardens. The project includes getting sponsors for seed funding, training, re-training and marketing.

Persons with disabilities working on their vegetable garden in a shade-netting tunnel

NCPD Nurseries

NCPD Nurseries sell succulents, pot plants and bespoke glazed flowerpots produced by artisan painters and flower growers with disabilities.  We also have bespoke glazed versions of the terracotta pots, which colour was inspired by the stems of the spekboom itself.

Your support contributes towards the creation of accessible, green, income-earning opportunities for persons with disabilities and helps mitigate climate change!

Please support this wonderful initiative by contacting us for more information.

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Close-up photo of a small spekboom plant in a clay pot