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Persons with disabilities tend to experience greater marginalisation in society than persons without disabilities. This infringes on their human rights and ability to prosper. The National Council of and for Persons with Disabilities (NCPD) has played an integral role in shaping South Africa into a country where persons with disabilities have access to equal opportunities and rights. For the past 81 years we have run awareness programmes, influenced government policies, promoted physical and social access, and facilitated economic participation for and with persons with disabilities.

We are the proud owners of the Casual Day & Nappy Run Projects.

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Casual Day

South Africa’s leading fundraising & awareness campaign for Persons with Disabilities. We are continuing the campaign until 3 December!

Nappy Run

The nappy represents many of the challenges and needs facing children with disabilities, and the failure of society and government to adequately support this vulnerable group.

Casual Day Face Masks

Our Casual Day face masks are proudly made by our APDs. Order yours on the Casual Day website and support Women with Disabilities.


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Hearing loss and deafness

Supporting clients’ rights in the workplace

Employers have a duty, laid down by the United Nations, to make changes in the workplace to accommodate persons with disabilities.

After hiring someone with hearing loss severe enough to be classed as a disability, a diligent employer might request a functional report, which should clearly and concretely explain the impact of the person’s hearing loss and what must be done to accommodate it. But these reports are often just a clinical description of the hearing problem and difficult to understand for anyone outside the medical world.

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