Living in an age where information is for the most part a click away for a large part of society, should mean that persons with disabilities enjoy everything their non-disabled counterparts do.  Yet despite democracy and the information age, persons with disabilities often still find themselves on the side-line when it comes to securing employment or even just having access to enjoy a sports match or theatre production.

The need for raising awareness of impairment, disability and related matters, is essential and taking our cue from documents like the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities and South Africa’s White Paper on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, we aim to raise the level of awareness about disability related issues through initiatives like:

  • Conferences and summits
  • Displays
  • Utilizing broadcasting media like radio and television. As we play a role in identifying topics and guests relating to disability for a couple of radio stations, we encourage you to listen to “Leefwereld van die Gestremde” on Radio Sonder Grense (RSG) on Sundays at 17:30, and every Tuesday at 18:15
Members of our staff met President Ramaphosa at the _________ Expo
Group photo when NCPD presented RSG with a certificate commemorating the 1 000th episode of Leefwereld van die Gestremde, with Amore Bekker (RSG presenter), Fanie du Toit (NCPD & Leefwereld Presenter), Jacqui January (RSG co-presenter with Fanie), Therina Wentzel (NCPD National Director), Magdaleen Kruger (RSG Station Head)

Puppet shows

Lisa & Friends is an awareness & sensitization project with themes that address the negative attitudes and beliefs about persons with disabilities.  These are aimed at children and teaches them about impairment and disability from an early age, so that they grow up knowing about diversity and ways in which to interact with persons with disabilities.

Book a puppet show: faniedt@ncpd.org.za

Paarl Skool, Brackenfell

Lisa & Friends visited our learners today and taught them about hearing impairment..  The learners really enjoyed the puppet show and learned how to care for their hearing.  Thank you very much!