The National Council of and for People
with Disabilities

Raising awareness

Living in an age where information is for the most part a click away to a large part of society, should mean that persons with disabilities enjoy all their non-disabled counterparts do, right?

Yet despite democracy and the information age, persons with disabilities often still find themselves on the side-line when it comes to securing employment or even just having access to enjoy a sports match or theatre production.

The need for raising awareness of impairment, disability and related matters, is essential and taking our Que from documents like the and the , we aim to raise the level of awareness about disability related issues through initiatives like:

  • Conferences and summits
  • Utilizing broadcasting media like radio and television. As we play a role in identifying topics and guests relating to disability for a couple of radio stations, we encourage you to listen to on Sundays at 17:30, every Tuesday at 18:15