Eco Tourism

At NCPD, we recognize the paramount importance of ensuring equal access to the environment for persons with disabilities. That is why we are thrilled to share the exciting news of accessible destinations, led by Therina Wentzel as part of our Eco Tourism initiative.

This project embodies our commitment to promoting inclusivity and creating opportunities for persons with disabilities to enjoy the beauty of nature and travel.


Universal Design and Access (UDA)

In brief, Universal Design and Access is an all-inclusive way in making buildings and services accessible to all. (ALL DISABILITIES ARE COVERED)  In other words, any service, policy, building, eco environment, facility, etc. must be designed in such a way that everyone (not only persons with disabilities) must be able to make use of the above at any time without the need of assistance, modifications or changes. In other words, UDA looks at the realistic picture. It accepts the reality that the broader population comprises of people of different ages, heights, weights, language skills, abilities, etc. 

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