The National Council of and for Persons
with Disabilities

NCPD Vision:

An all-inclusive and equitable society where the human rights of all are upheld and protected.

Our mission:

Advocating, lobbying and raising awareness for and with Persons with Disabilities in achieving collaborative social and economic inclusion through innovation, partnerships, research, development and services.

Core Values:

We commit to –

Integrity: In all our dealings, which implies openness and honesty, dependability and consistency, and honouring the individual and collective integrity and all its structures, functionaries and employees.

Passion: We’re passionate about everything we do.

Trust: Unwavering mutual trust and respect for one another’s intentions, but also our collective ability, capacity and contribution.

Professionalism: Consistently act in a professional manner in our dealings with one another and stakeholders, namely, the structures, functionaries, staff, clients and partners of the organisation.

Commitment: Individually and collectively committed to make a difference.

Honour: Our intentions are honourable. Honour one, help many.

Respect for diversity: Recognising individual differences and uniqueness.

Accountability: Align our actions to expectations and provide explanations which are accurate and complete.

Transparency: Open and honest within all our operations.

Self-representation: Honour the right of individuals to self-representation.

Core Principles:

Governance: Committed to making sure that all our actions are guided through association and consultation with persons with disabilities, to ensure that optimal recognition is given to challenges, abilities and needs.

Transformation: Best transformation practices and targets allow us to remain relevant and appropriately structured.

Service-orientated: Listening to and addressing the needs of our clients, beneficiaries and stakeholders. At the same time, we respect the self-representation of persons with disabilities.

Consultative: Consult with one another and with our clients, beneficiaries and relevant stakeholders prior to making decisions.

Partnerships: Building partnerships to expand the delivery capacity throughout, and lower our resource and cost base.