The Clarens Village Conservancy, Hiking and wheelchair-friendly trail launch

At NCPD, we recognize the paramount importance of ensuring equal access to the environment for persons with disabilities. That is why we are thrilled to share the exciting news of the opening of an accessible hiking trail in Clarens, led by Therina Wentzel, as part of our Eco Tourism initiative. This project embodies our commitment to promoting inclusivity and creating opportunities for persons with disabilities to enjoy the beauty of nature.

Clarens Village Conservancy, Hiking, and Wheelchair-Friendly Trail

Clarens Village Conservancy (CVC), located in the Free State and bordering the town of Clarens, is a beautiful and popular destination for nature lovers, hikers, and outdoor enthusiasts. The conservancy offers a range of activities for visitors, including hiking, bird watching, and mountain biking. All set against the backdrop of the stunning Maluti Mountains.

In recent years, there has been a growing demand for wheelchair friendly trails in South Africa and Clarens Village Conservancy has taken note. The conservancy constructed a wheelchair friendly trail, which will provide access to the natural beauty of the area for persons with disabilities.

The construction of the new trail is part of Clarens Village Conservancy’s ongoing commitment to making nature accessible to everyone. The conservancy is a non-profit organization that is dedicated to the preservation and protection of the natural environment in the area, and it relies on the support of the Municipality, fundraisers, visitors, and volunteers to maintain its trails and facilities.

During September 2022, the CVC arranged a trail run in their conservancy as a fundraising event. Called the TITANIC CHALLENGE TRAIL RUN, it received support from runners all over South Africa, with 560 entries exceeding their expectations. The funds raised at the event is used for conservation, and also possible to allocate funds to the construction of the wheelchair trail.

Visitors to Clarens Village Conservancy will have the opportunity to explore the 12 hiking trails in the area. Some of the most popular hiking trails include the Kloof Trail and Titanic Trail, which offers stunning views of the surrounding landscape. If you are planning a trip to South Africa and are looking for a unique and accessible way to experience the natural beauty of the area, be sure to check out the Clarens Village Conservancy.

The official opening of The Clarens Village Conservancy, Hiking and wheelchair-friendly trail took take place on 16 September 2023 through a programme of exciting activities attended by the community and stakeholders. The event ended with an Evening concert.

Mathys Roets cutting the ribbon to officially launch the trail

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  1. MAGDA says:

    I am excited about your wheel chair friendly walking trail. We are old ladies with walkers and would love to do it. Could you give me directions as where it is.

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