Gearing up for Nappy Run 2019!

The Nappy Run™ campaign, started in 2011, by the National Council of & for Persons with Disabilities (NCPD), is a national awareness and nappy donation-drive campaign. The purpose of the campaign is primarily aimed at educating the public on the violation of the rights of our country’s most marginalized and vulnerable group of people – our children with disabilities. Furthermore, Nappy RunTM appeals to the public for online donations which go towards the purchase of nappies – a vital incontinence-management product for children with disabilities.

Nappy RunTM runs from 3 October to 3 December and concludes on International Day for Persons with Disabilities. The campaign falls within South Africa’s Children’s Rights Month in October, and Disability Rights Awareness Month, which takes place every November. The campaign peaks with an official 5km fun run, walk or wheel event at Joburg Zoo on Saturday 2 November 2019, coinciding with National Children’s Day. The Objectives The two-pronged purpose of the Nappy Run campaign is firstly to raise awareness of the conditions that children with disabilities live under, the challenges they face, as well as their rights which are violated on various levels. These rights violations include:
  • Denial of their right to an equitable education
  • Denial of their right to assistive devices
  • Denial of their right to quality and equitable Early Childhood Development services
  • Marginalization and exclusion from mainstream society
  • Failure of protection from abuse, neglect and exploitation
  • Exclusion from play, recreational, social and cultural activities
  • Denial of their right to health and rehabilitation services
  • Denial of their right to access justice as victims of crime
  • Alienation, exclusion and stigmatization due to cultural superstitions
  • Denial of their right to be free from povertySecondly, the campaign serves to raise money to buy nappies for children with disabilities – an essential health item that this already-vulnerable and marginalised group often sadly goes without.The Organisers Nappy Run is a project of the NCPD – a national NGO for the promotion and protection of the rights of persons with disabilities, who believe that society’s knowledge and understanding of disability issues is directly related to the level of responsiveness to the needs, rights, and social inclusion, of persons with disabilities. Following the ongoing success of the 19-year running Casual Day disability-awareness campaign, the NCPD identified the need for a public awareness drive for children with disabilities.For more information about the campaign, visit, or our social media pages: Facebook – | Instagram – |Twitter – @NappyRun. Alternatively, please email:

Combined effort builds ramp for Springbok resident

You may remember in our last NewsFlash that we reported on providing a wheelchair to Betjie Scippers (Aunty Louisa) from Matjieskloof in Springbok who had been unable to move out of her home for several months as she did not have a mobility aid.

We are happy to report that the ramp to her home has also since been built!

Our thanks go to the Community Chest, Mr. Davids and Ms Thevar for donating the funds required to build the ramp. Thank you also to Sylvia Strachan for offering her professional drafting services free of charge for the building plan. Last but not least, a big thank you to Clive for offering his building services at a hugely discounted rate due to his personal relationship with Auntie Louisa. This was truly a community effort!

In Memorium

RIP Louise BarnaschoneLouise Barnaschone came to NCPD as administrative support for Public Education, & for many years was the person who arranged guests for the Sunday evening interviews on Radio Sonder Grense (RSG). She was friendly and patient, making sure guests were well-prepared for their interviews.

Sadly, Louise passed away recently. Our heartfelt condolences go to her family and loved ones. We will miss her!

Educate yourself!

Educate yourself!Tune into Radio Sonder Grense every Sunday evening at 17H30 to learn more about disability and the way in which it affects individuals and their families.  We will be dealing with the following topics during August – 

4 Aug    :  How technology can improve the life of someone with a visual impairment

11 Aug  :  How technology can give those with special needs access to information, education & employment

18 Aug   : Contents of the film ‘Skemerson’

25 Aug   : The principles and aims of Universal Design and Access

1 Sept    : The practical application of access assessments and the legal protection, provided to persons with disabilities in terms of accessibility  

Upcoming events

Casual Day has gone digital!

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Nappy run fun run

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