Disability Summit & Career Expo 2019

Disability Summit & Career Expo 2019Our National director, Therina Wentzel-du Toit, addressed the Disability Summit & Career Expo held recently on the importance of inclusive employment, reasonable accommodation and accessible workplace environment.

The Summit is an annual event that aims to educate and inform school and university leavers with disabilities about the various options available to them once they leave their respective schools and universities, as well as provide Exhibitors with the opportunity to fulfill placements, learnerships and bursaries. Information on accessibility and learner support is provided.

In this way they hope to bridge the gap between school leavers with disabilities and employers.

Partnership towards provision of assistive devices

We are proud to announce a partnership with Edit Microsystems (Pty) Ltd, where NCPD will refer clients with hearing loss who are in need of assistive devices and technology to Edit Microsystems for further advice, assistance and supply of assistive technology.

Edit Microsystems will, in turn, provide advice to such clients on all relevant and appropriate products in their range.


Wings4Life World Run : Taiwan

Our very own Zuki Nzo took part in the Taiwan Wings4Life World Run and encourages South Africans to help raise funds for research into a cure for spinal cord injuries by signing up for the South African run.

5 May 2019 | 13H00 | Irene Agricultural Farm, Pretoria
Entries have just closed so we hope you’re signed up!

Zuki in the middle of the front line!

Educate yourself!

Tune in to Radio Sonder Grense every Sunday evening at 17H30 to learn more about disability.
We will be dealing with the following topics during May –

4 May : Polio and it’s effects in SA

11 May : Residential Care for those with intellectual impairment

18 May : Challenges faced by adults with intellectual impairments

26 May : Challenges of children with disabilities in Northern Cape

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New SA Film "Skemerson" highlights Mental Health

Kemerson movieDepression is an illness like any other; there’s no shame in seeking help.  That’s the message of a new film that treats mental illness with warmth, respect & integrity.  To see the offical Skemerson Movie trailer, click here

Skemerson is a personal story for Beyers and is inspired by true events. “It’s not entirely my own story, but my own experience with obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD) motivated me to write the script and have the film made. Expressing my emotions in a healthy and productive way proved to be a healing experience for me and I hope that the story will help others too. A key theme of the film is that mental health issues are normal, common, and nothing to be ashamed of,” he says.

Men are four times more likely to die by suicide, which suggests that many of them suffer from undiagnosed mental health issues. Instances of undiagnosed depression are also substantially higher in men, and it has been shown that they seek mental health help far less than women.

Rademeyer says he has at times struggled with his own mental health and knows the feelings of shame and isolation it can cause. “Helping to bring this story to life was important,” he says. “With Skemerson we hope to convey to audiences the message that mental health issues are common, and nothing to be ashamed of.”

Skemerson had a successful premier last week, to see some of the reviews and more information about the upcoming film, Skemerson click here.

The new Skemerson film directed by Phillip Rademeyer and written by Pietie Beyers, which opens nationwide on Friday 3 May 2019 in selected Nu Metro’s and Ster-Kinekor.

Courtesy of the South African Depression and Anxiety Group (SADAG).

Casual Day Ambassador launches own book

Casual Day Ambassador launches own book

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