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How do different cultures view disability?

In this Heritage Month, it is appropriate that we take a closer look at different cultures and the way they view disabilities. NCPD aligns with the White Paper on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (2005) (WPRPD) which was drafted from the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (1997). The WPRPD […]

Invisible Impairments

I have an invisible impairment. What now? Many employees with invisible impairments are confused about when they should disclose their impairment at work. They’re hesitant to tell their immediate supervisors and co-workers about their impairment for fear of exclusion. The decision to disclose isn’t easy, whether it’s during the interview process, after appointment, or during […]

Induction loops and telecoils are here to stay

NCPD needs your help, please? We learned recently from an important roleplayer in SA who believes, that “t-coils and loop systems” will be replaced by, for example, “bluetooth equipment”. This statement is exclusive and in NCPD’s opinion untrue. There is room and need for both facilities. Loop systems are used worldwide because not all people […]

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