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Noise Awareness | How loud is too loud?

A woman grimaces with her eyes squeezed tightly shut while covering her ears with her hands

In the era of widespread headphone and earbud use, questions about the potential harm to hearing have become more prevalent. This concern is particularly relevant for younger generations who frequently engage in activities involving high-volume sounds. To address this, it’s essential to explore the thresholds of sound intensity that could be detrimental to our ears […]

Equal access to education for children with disabilities in SA

In a ground-breaking move, advocacy groups are taking the South African government to task over the denial of a fundamental right – access to education – for children with disabilities. A recent letter of demand, served to the Department of Basic Education by legal representatives of the National Council of and for Persons with Disabilities […]

Words reflect & influence the way we think

A word cloud of terms related to discrimination

Terms like “differently abled”, “my abilities are stronger than my disability”, “the only disability is a negative attitude”, “take the ‘dis’ from disability and focus on the ability” take the daily challenges of persons with disabilities (that are caused by society or the environment) and try to turn them into something they believe is “positive […]

NCPD takes legal action against ICASA re captioning on TV news broadcasts

President Cyril Ramaphosa at his desk with the SOuth African flag in the background and a SASL interpreter in the bottom right corner

NCPD questioned the validity of ICASA’s (Independent Communications Authority of South Africa) Code for Persons with Disabilities Regulations 2021 and launched legal proceedings to have the 9 April 2021 Code reviewed and set aside.

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