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Update – March 2024: NCPDs fight for the dignity and human rights of children at Mthatha’s Ikhwezi Lokusa Special School

Mthatha’s silent, unfolding tragedyThe ‘dishcloth’ children of Ikhwezi Lokusa School denied their dignity and human right to learn Matters have gone from very bad to absolutely horrendous for learners at Mthatha’s Ikhwezi Lokusa School. The 200 young people, routinely and callously called fayidukhwe (dishcloths) by the very people appointed to care for them, started the […]


THE DETERIORATING STATE OF IKHWEZI LOKUSA SPECIAL SCHOOL (EC): Today, as we commemorate the International Day for Persons with Disabilities, a day intended for celebration and acknowledgment of triumphs over challenges, my heart is heavy with a sense of sadness and outrage. This poignant reflection stems from a recent session with the parents of Ikhwezi […]

NCPDs fight for the dignity and human rights of children at Mthatha’s Ikhwezi Lokusa Special School

Therina Wentzel shared a heartening update, after a session with parents of learners at Mthatha’s Ikhwezi Lokusa Special School on Thursday, 30 November hosted at APD Mthatha. Parents left feeling empowered, knowing their rights are supported by NCPD and EELC. Inspired by this unity, a parents’ organization is in the making with Beauty’s assistance. Together, […]

Casual Day Supporters: Making a Difference in the Lives of GBV Survivors

Three months have passed since our 29th Casual Day campaign on 01 September 2023, and as we approach the final round-up of this year’s ‘Share A Smile’ campaign at the end of March 2024, we’re eager to share the impact Casual Day supporters have made. A significant challenge faced by persons with disabilities who are […]

A brand new Youth structure of note; thanks to your support to Casual Day

A brand-new and noteworthy youth structure has emerged, and it’s all thanks to your support for Casual Day. For 84 years, the National Council of and for Persons with Disabilities (NCPD), alongside our Nine Associations of and for Persons with Disabilities (APDs) and their branches, has been steadfast in providing services and advocacy for the […]

Challenges Faced in ICASA Hearing: A Fight for Access to Information

In Thursday, 09 November’s court hearing challenging the Independent Communications Authority of South Africa (ICASA), participants faced numerous obstacles that shed light on the difficulties faced by persons with hearing impairments. The courtroom’s sound system posed a significant challenge, making it difficult for participants to hear proceedings clearly. Moreover, the dim lighting conditions made lip-reading […]

Nappy Run 2023: Providing Dignity and Inclusion for Children and Adults with Disabilities

In a world that’s constantly on the move, it’s all too easy to overlook the challenges faced by children and adults with disabilities. The National Council of and for Persons with Disabilities (NCPD) has been at the forefront of raising awareness and making a meaningful difference. This year marks the 12th anniversary of the Nappy […]

Vava iYouth’s Thrilling Adventure at Comic Con Africa: Celebrating Heroes Unite

Comic Con Africa, a convention that celebrates all things geeky and fantastic, recently took place, and the Vava iYouth team was right in the heart of the action. This year’s event was extra special because Vava iYouth proudly participated in the #HeroesUnite campaign, an initiative dedicated to supporting children and youth with disabilities. At Stand […]

The Clarens Village Conservancy, Hiking and wheelchair-friendly trail launch

At NCPD, we recognize the paramount importance of ensuring equal access to the environment for persons with disabilities. That is why we are thrilled to share the exciting news of the opening of an accessible hiking trail in Clarens, led by Therina Wentzel, as part of our Eco Tourism initiative. This project embodies our commitment […]

Empowering Entrepreneurs with Disabilities for Economic Growth

A screenshot of Lebogang Boya, one of NCPD's Senior Managers, taken at her desk while speaking

The NCPD’s Inclusive Employment Program is dedicated to helping women with disabilities find jobs and build careers. The program offers a variety of opportunities, including internships, learnerships, and permanent job placements. NCPD has built a substantial database of women with disabilities who are eager to work. NCPD has also partnered with Tectura International, First Rand […]

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