A brand new Youth structure of note; thanks to your support to Casual Day

A brand-new and noteworthy youth structure has emerged, and it’s all thanks to your support for Casual Day. For 84 years, the National Council of and for Persons with Disabilities (NCPD), alongside our Nine Associations of and for Persons with Disabilities (APDs) and their branches, has been steadfast in providing services and advocacy for the economic and social inclusion of persons with disabilities of all ages. These encompass a diverse array of services for youth with disabilities, including assistive devices and nappies, therapy and counselling, leadership and self-representation training, job preparation and placement, liaison with tertiary opportunities, entrepreneurship, and much more.

While the NCPD’s primary structure will continue to uphold its commitment to youth services and advocacy, the leadership has taken a momentous decision to support youth with disabilities to establish their own structure: Vava iYouth. Heading this initiative is Ado Bakasa, having experienced a motor vehicle accident at a very young age, brings both understanding and lived experience to the campaign. Vava iYouth embraces youth of all races, with various disabilities, spanning provinces in South Africa. Their key objectives are simple yet impactful:

  1. Ensure self-representation and inclusion of youth with disabilities in all other youth structures in South Africa and across the continent, as many of these structures are presently exclusive.
  2. Fundraise for assistive devices for youth with disabilities.
  3. Facilitate job placements for persons with disabilities in South Africa.

All other services and support for youth with disabilities will remain under the NCPD’s primary structure. To lay the groundwork for establishing this structure, we sought the NCPD Board’s assistance in making Casual Day funds available until Vava iYouth is self-sufficient. Currently running an exciting fundraising campaign with enticing prizes, Vava iYouth invites you to visit the NCPD website to learn more.

Learn more about Vava iYouth: Vava iYouth
Learn more about Heroes Unite: Heroes Unite 2023

We extend an invitation to all youth, with and without disabilities, to join Vava iYouth and become part of this growing network.

Media enquiries and request for information, interviews and images:
Ado Bakasa: Coordinator Youth Affairs: Vava iYouth | +27 72 268 3483 | ado@ncpd.org.za

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